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Our outdoor natural venue along the Nile is very suitable for environment, wellness and healthy lifestyle lovers.

We offer outdoor workouts programs

  • yoga class

  • meditation

  • cardio

  • aerobic

  • fitness gym

  • kayak ride

You will love it inside nature.


Many qualities put IL CAMPO on the top places like the great location along the Nile in Cairo specially if you want to come from the river side.

Huge place with 10.000 sqm outdoor for enjoying your morning or evening exercises inside nature instead of sport street.

IL CAMPO is also the meeting point for sports people who are looking for a totally different and untraditional venue. So enjoy a really unique workout far away from the stress of the city.

The place is inside nature so you will have the great opportunity of chilling in the same time.

Below our coaches:

  • Coach/ Hadeer Hussein is a SAFE certificated 200 hrs fluid yoga instructor, psychology courses: Emotional balance technique attendance certificate, Categorical medicine attendance certificate, Masculinity and Femininity colors and communication attendance certificated

    She started yoga in 2017, got her teaching certificate in 2018

    It was a turning point in her life, that's why she wanted to share it with other girls

    She works in this field because she believes that we have the chance to change and become what we’ve always dreamed to be, and we have to take care of both our souls and body as long as we are still breathing.


  • Coach/ Mohamed Ramadan is a coach of box, cardio, aerobic and fitness gym since 2018. He is certificated from Egyptian Federation of boxing since 2013. He won several competitions nationally.





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Email us with any questions or inquiries, we would be happy to answer. Your questions and comments are important to us.


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